Norristown Neighborhood Revitalization Zone

Improving an 11-block zone with 320 households

Habitat MontDelco has been building homes in Norristown since 1991. In 2013, we established an 11-block Neighborhood Revitalization zone. It encompasses Cherry Street, Chestnut Street, Elm Street, Oak Street, Powell Street and Wayne Avenue. Through NR, we work with 320 Norristown households. There is a 19% homeownership rate in the Norristown NR; forty-seven percent of these homeowners are Habitat partner families.


    • 1. 25 Habitat homes
    • 2. 11 Critical home repairs
    • 3. 73 External preservation projects (Habitat’s A Brush with Kindness) Blighted Property Review Committee
    • There are 18 visibly vacant properties within the NR zone. In July, 2015 Habitat advocated to have the Blighted Property Review Committee reinstated to blight abandoned properties and turn them over to the Redevelopment Authority. One year later, we worked with the residents and the Committee to get the first abandoned property in the NR declared as blighted. Community cleanup days
    • 4 Rock the Blocks: Annual event bringing together community residents and volunteers. They have repaired homes, painted porches and stoops, revitalized Cherry Street Park, repaired a community church, painted the Norristown Library, picked up trash, weeded and mulched, and installed smoke detectors.

NR committee:

Community leaders and organizations meets bi-monthly to guide and bring resources and information to the NR program

Community meetings:
Physical property assessments:
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